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God In A Harley The Return (dios En Una Harley El Regreso)
(Joan Brady)

The inconformidad of the human beings is not another thing
that the permanent search of something hidden and but
promising that the same life, is why although it has been
managed to fulfill a goal, will always be the necessity to
look for other to justify an existence that according to
seems its only sense is that that manifest of tangible way,
for that reason the famous fairy tales godmothers or those
where the end is characterized "married and lived happy"
are not but that an utopia, because in the happy assumption
final it is when truely history begins. This life is a
permanent change, transformation and regeneration towards
the perfection that all the beings look for of one or
another form. In this history the protagonist discovers
that its life is a true failure in spite of being employee,
married and with two beautiful children. Its work does not
satisfy him because the routine is exhausted the magic that
produces a finished work every day, his husband has shown
to him who is truely "a human being like any other that he
lives and he lets live" and the children who as much yearn
for some pairs become to him only a commitment or
responsibility and forgets the miracle that means to see
them be born and grow, denies the affection to them leaving
them absorb the failures and frustrations of its parents,
who hopelessly vegetate in a sea of emotional and mental
conflicts that do not allow to see the true sense them of
being. The protagonist manages to recover her truth
through a second encounter with a being enamored with the
life like is that call God, Jesus, Teacher, or Superior
force, to that already have seen in another opportunity and
that it pronounces itself to him as human as she. In one
moto, without losing the dulzura of compasivo and
protective the love genuine that as much requires the
beings of this world to think that it is not to his reach
or perhaps that they do not deserve it. And again dream
retakes in point where nightmare turned him and greatness
recognizes in of to be being simple and tender that it
returns to enamor with which it has of which is and
redescubre with new opportunities, with new dreams, that is
not others but such that always it has had, to be she
herself, who the secret of the happiness this in each
detail, sharing in living every moment and accepting to
other so and as is. To discover to God in if same is
another opportunity again, to accept that the happiness is
its responsibility that is in her was the gift that to him
God in its second encounter did.

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