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(Marion Keyes)


Claire has just had a baby and is quite fat, so fat that the only thing she can wear is her husband?s jeans.
Besides having had a baby, now Claire has to face the fact of her husband having had an affair with the neighbour and wants a divorce.Of course, Claire cannot think clearly; not even a name for her daughter has she decided upon.Her friend sights with relief when she goes back to her parents? house in Dublin with the baby.
London isn?t the right place for her to be right now, not with James living with another woman.Off she goes to Dublin, where she starts drinking ? a lot , driving her parents and sisters mad with her nasty behaviour until her father had one of his talks with her.She realises that she is being unfair, especially for ger baby daughter whom she has named Kate and who needs her to be present.And now, her sister?s friend Adam starts looking at her, watching her, admiring her as a woman and who doesn?t like that?So, and in spite of all her doubts - something quite funny to read because she seems to be writing out a list, Claire accepts Adam?s invitation for dinner.She is not exactly in love with him, but she likes him a lot and though she is still married to James, Claire has a wonderful night with Adam.But now she has just arrived home and her parents are waiting for her ? it seems James is in Dublin and what is he looking for?James is blunt and says she won?t be able to survive without him, but guess what? She is quite capable of doing that and once she understands that James has been manipulating her, asking her to become something she is not, they go on with the divorce.Claires goes back to her job in London ? after all, she hasn?t looked for a new job in Dublin ? to a small flat her friend found for her and Adam will be there too.So, everything has worked out quite well for Claire!

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