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Chinese General History
(Qian hao)

Chinese nation's history, about five millenniums, broad and profound, well-established, both has splendor the and so on kingly way hegemony and civilizing role of government Wugong records, and has the reactionary reign of terror, slaughters and so on dismal the brutal brand mark, the period powerful magnificent arrogantly rouses, the period haze declines causes the human to blush with shame deeply regretted. The history is a mirror, is a all kinds of encyclopedia.
??The Chinese always regards as important the history, China's historical ancient book voluminous, successive dynasties all previous dynasties all take to compile a history, is the best illustration. Sima Qian writes "Shihchi", is for ?investigates beauty this border, passes changing of the ancient and modern?. Emperor Taitsung of Tang Li Shimin has said: ?Learns from history, may know the prosperity and decline.?The Sima Guang history "Great historic writings of politicization", the meaning is the reference which the achievement rules a nation. Obviously the Chinese took the history is not the pure love past, but is bases on the present, made the past serve the present.
??This "the Chinese General history" is in the history the splendid story integration, but is not the historical textbook which attends to every detail. Story splendid vivid, the smoothly written, reads with ease. At significant event and on the important personage, does not omit as far as possible, in the book more than 200 stories, each one all are in the historical important matter, the knowledge and the interest pay equal attention to. The book according to the time smooth compilation, is advantageous for the understanding dynasty characteristic and vicissitude.
??At the same time, I believed that, took a Chinese, is has the necessity to understand China's history very much. Looks at the history, causes the human heart to be broad, stands high, looks farther ahead!

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