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Mistress Bradstreet
(Charlotte Gordon)

The only biography of Anne Bradstreet to date, Charlotte Gordon brings her readers into the fascinating life of America's first poet. Anne's childhood in England was a typical Puritan upbringing, deeply rooted in her faith in God, with one exception, her father strongly supported the education of his daughters and encouraged Anne to study and think for herself. Anne studied to bring herself closer to God and constantly deliberated over whether or not her actions were worthy of the Puritan faith. Anne married young and was fortunate to have a truly loving relationship with her husband. When politics and religion in England became too tense and dangerous, Anne's father decided to move his entire family to America. This book quickly becomes a wealth of information for those interested in the early settlements in New England and the beliefs of the Puritan faith. As Anne grows older, she bears a large family and continues her love of books and studying. She tries her own hand at writing, despite the fact that no woman before, and certainly not a Puritan woman, had enjoyed success as a writer. Because Anne seemed so blessed with a happy, healthy family and wealth to spare, the Puritan community viewed Anne's actions as being blessed by God. Though her life was in no way considered easy, Anne certainly enjoyed a comfortable life for a Puritan and so her poetry was widely accepted and celebrated in both America and England. Through the actions of her friends and family, Anne saw her book of poetry published during her lifetime and it became one of America's first best-sellers. This booked is steeped in early American history and is an excellent resource for anyone who loves poetry, history or both.

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