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Letters Between Father And A Son
(VS Naipaul)

its been almost a dream to know the genius behind The Mystic Massuer, A House For Mr Bisaw, Magic Seeds, An Area Of Darkness.....and the list goes on. Sir Vidia's novels and his articulately researched non fiction genre are nothing but master peices. I read somewhere that Sir Naipaul said, ' life is about writing one great epic', (at a loss for the prose from which i read that, I state so on my memory). But Sir you have written many.

So what is this book about. Well, it is a rare chance to understand the genius behind his works. The book is all about the young 'Vido' studying in the Oxford University. The letters are between Naipaul's father, Seepersad Naipaul 'Pa' and his sister Kamla. The letters are all either adressed to Sir Vidia or are sent by him. Obviously showing an attempt to understand Sir Vidia and his growth as a writer. It is obviously a treat to the regular readers of Sir Naipaul more so under the shortage of any biographical text or any good interviews of the same. Sir Naipaul believes in the virtue for his work to say for him, hence separating the writer from the man Vidiadhar.

The book is honest, sincere and more importantly, delecious. The accounts are heart rendering and give a fair amount of insight into the life and times of Sir VS Naipaul. It is definitely a must read to understand the literary phenomenon established over four decades ie Vidiadhar Seepersad Naipaul.

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