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Life- The Game

The actions of life are similar to the keys of piano. As the best music player plays the best music same way the person having best sense can play his tune of life in the best way! It is not always but sometimes life seems to be a GAME. You can call it the game of chess, the game of cricket or the game of football. There is one thing common in the above games & that is nothing but ?Import of Concentration? The same thing requires in the play of life.
Life is like that of chess board where every move is possible; it?s never checkmate till you are alive and so there is always a possibility to win!
Life follows a rule of cricket, as to hit the ball the batsman is given a bat in his hand; the same way the decision of our life is in our hands? don?t you think so?
Each football player wisely thinks before kicking the ball through his leg; the same way its upto us to move our each step- in such a fewer time?.
That?s life!!

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