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V. Jonah
(The Bible)


This book describes Jonah?s encounter with the Lord and his command to inform the people of Nineveh of their coming destruction as they were steeped in sin. Jonah was reluctant to perform this duty and sails off to Tar shish to escape the Lord! Midway in the voyage the ship meets bad weather and is at the point of sinking. The sailors get panicky as they have never seen such a storm. They cast lots to know who is responsible for this calamity. The lot falls on Jonah who is informed of the situation. He confesses that he is running from God and requests the sailors to throw him into the sea. The soldiers throw him over, after praying for his safety, reluctantly as the sea grows rougher.
The Lord gets a giant fish to swallow Jonah. He lay three days and nights in the fish?s belly, singing the Lord?s praise. He comes out of the fish a changed man. He reaches Nineveh and walks a whole day across the city proclaiming its destruction within forty days. This spurs the king of Nineveh to proclaim universal mourning in the city. He leads the city?s people and animals by wearing sackcloth, fasting and putting ashes on his head for forty days. The Lord is pleased with the repentance of the great city and forgives them instantly. Jonah on perceiving this goes to the outskirts of the city and tries to sleep off his anger against the Lords? mercy. The Lord teaches Jonah the lesson for the need of His great compassion and mercy by the incident of a bush that the Lord causes to grow next to him while he was sleeping.

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