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Iv. Obadiah
(The Bible)


This book describes the vision that the Lord shows Obadiah regarding the fate that was to befall the kingdom of Edom. It had deceived itself because of its strategic location on the mountains and among the clefts. But the Lord promises to bring down Edom from its lofty heights. The plunder of Edom would be complete and no treasure will be left aside. Edom?s allies will drive him to the border and his dependents will betray him. The Lord promises to destroy wisdom from Mount Esau and scatter the warriors of Edom.
Shame will cover Edom forever because he mutely watched the pillage of Judah, when strangers carried off his wealth and cast lots for Jerusalem. Edom is warned that he should not have rejoiced over the misfortune of his brother and boasted about the ruin and distress of the people of Judah. Edom should not have entered the gates of Jerusalem and helped in the plunder. They also hindered the fleeing of the refugees and handed them over as prisoners to the enemies. The Lord says that on his day Edom will reap what he has sown and will completely disappear from the face of the earth for getting drunk on the Lord?s mountain.
The Lord consoles Obadiah by saying that Jacob will have the final triumph. The people will take refuge on holy Mount Zion and the house of Jacob will re-possess its spoil. It shall be as a fire to reduce Esau to a wasteland. There will be no survivors in Esau and all the neighboring kingdoms shall possess it. The kingdom shall belong to the Lord who will rule from Mount Zion.

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