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Scary Stories
(defferent authors)

Two 18 wheeler trucks were on a highway. The two trucks smashed into each other and all the people died. They took the trucks to the junkyard. A day later, it started to smell. It got worse every day. Finally they took apart the fused trucks and found a VW beetle with the passengers still in there, dead. Submitted by Jessica

On a warm summer night, a couple of friends of mine and I stayed up until about 3:00 a.m. talking about scary stuff that has happened to us. One began telling us about a weird encounter he had with a ghost or something supernatural. He said he was driving back home (from Abilene, Texas to Laredo, Texas) when he saw a hitchhiker on the road. As he passed the woman, he looked back in the rearview mirror to catch a last glance, when, to his surprise the woman appeared to be sitting in his back seat. He must of been really tired of driving or something but he just shook it off and continued on his way. Submitted by Edmond

One day I was outside with my best friend at about 11:30pm when all the sudden we see a van drive right next to us. He stops and looks like he's tweekin or something. We get all freaked out and start walking back to my house. He pulls up to my driveway, so we start running. He starts to get out of the van and we noticed that he had an ice pick in his left hand. So we start screaming and luckily my dad was still up working late in his garage, so he opens the garage and tackles the weirdo! He holds him there until the police show up. The cops tell us that we where lucky because we were the only ones to make it out of the six people he's tried the same thing on. We don't stay out that late anymore. Submitted by Coco Puff

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