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Great Cases Of Interpol
(David Niven)

This is only one of the stories in the book Great cases Of INTERPOL by David Niven.
We all know what INTERPOL stands for and what it is all about. INTERPOL is a world wide crime fighting organization. (Internation Criminal Police Organization )that involves the national police forces of over 100 countries in the world. The stories in this book are actual, factual stories and are on file
This is the story of Joseph YIes Geoffroy.
Gefforoy's story begins the day before Christmas, 1971. He is allowed out of a maximun security prison in St Vincent du Paul in Quebec, province, Canada. He is in jail serving a life long sentence for murdering his first wife, Geoffroy's and Louise's marriage had deteriorated a lot. They seemed to fight a lot and Louise spent a lot of time screaming and hollering at her husband. She even refused to get him his meals until she was good and ready to. geoffroy retaliated by cutting off her food allowence then Louise reacted by threatening to find a new lover. Geoffroy did find another lover, carmen whom he met at Expo 67.
Louise. He had met another girl before the murder took place and wanted to marry her.
While in jail, Geoffroy had talked himself into a good job in administration. he made himself likeabe and gained the confidence of his co workers and prison guards. They got to like and trust him so well none believed he could do a nasty deed like kill his wife.
Geoffroy's plan all along was to get prison officials to allow him a 53 hour pass over Christmas to allow him to marry Carmen. The woman had visited him a lot during his stay in prison, therefor the prison officials had grown to like her. They though the pair would make a good couple.
Leave was granted. Geoffroy started his leave with a promise he would be back in 53 hours but not a moment before. Everyone at the prison believed him.
Of course Geoffroy doesn't return. he and Carman were married; they spent some of their "honeymoon" time
buying an airplane ticket and boarded a plane to Oslo. Here he wanted to get a job and start over fresh. But events were against him. he couldn't find a job and their money was rapidly dwindling.
By now INTERPOL is on the couple's tracks. At first they elude every effort the police make to catch them. The Canadian government was mocked for allowing them to get away from them at Oslo and flee to Barcelona.
Then Carmen had to cash a travellers check. INTERPOL had advised the company manufacturing these checks to be on the outlook for such a signature.
Not able to find work in Oslo, the couple fled to Barcelona. They are tracked to the hotel by the police but are already gone. The police officer in charge is told by one of the clerks in the hotel that the couple aren't far away. She had told them about an apartment for rent not very far away.
By this time the police in Canada had been notified that the law enforcement people on the other side of the world were closing in on the couple. Officers from the Quebec provincial police were sent to bring the murderer and his wife back to Quebec.
The police in Barcelona went to Geoffroy's apartment and arrested the couple. Geoffroy received an extra year added to his life sentence but the judge considered carmen had been blinded by love and allowed her to go scot free.

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