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Still Waters
(Tami Hoag)

Elizabeth Stuart is a beautiful journalist that moved recently to Still Creek, where she bought the city newspaper, unfortunately for her, the first news that she will be publishing will be about the murder of a rich business men, whose body she found.
For the police the crime was committed by a marginal that goes around the city for some time, being the motive the fact that the dead man didn?t want to give him a job, but for Elizabeth things aren?t that simple, the way how Jarold Jarvis was killed suggests a hate crime, who would have such a big resentment against the man? And what would be the motive? The true is that Jarvis wasn?t the most popular person in the city; Elizabeth realizes that a lot of people didn?t like the dead man. The same way they don?t like her, the foreigner who brought trouble to the city, the common feeling is that it?s all Elizabeth?s fault, since it was her who found the body. Besides the sheriff only Aaron Hauer, an Amish man who offered him self to do some arrangements in Elizabeth?s hold house in exchange of a mill, don?t treat her bad, the rest of the inhabitants would trough her out of the city if they could.
When someone vandalizes the journal installations and attacks Elizabeth in her own house, she starts thinking that someone thinks that she found out something important, something like the dead man disappeared black book. The entire city knows the black book, Jarvis loaned money to those who couldn?t borough money from the bank, and wrote down in the black book the information?s about the loans, as well as other information?s that could bring him some benefits in the future. Is it possible that the killer?s name is in the black book?

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