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Jewish History, Jewish Religion
(Israel Shahak)

Jewish History, Jewish Religion by Israel Shahak is one of the most astonishing books ever written on such fettered by superstitions and painful subject as the history of contacts between the Jews and non-Jewish world. The books focusing on Jewish history and religion can be divided into two classes: those written by Jewish or pro-Jewish authors about the history of Anti-Semitism rather than of the Jews proper, and those composed by Anti-Semites and striving to "unearth" a devilish plot of the international Jewry rather than to the real facts. It is quite evident that the two approaches are biased. In contrast, Jewish History, Jewish Religion is written by a Jew, furthermore ? a Holocaust-survivor, whose criticism of Jewish religious heritage and psychological characteristics may hardly be suspected of Anti-Semitic motivation. However, in some of his attacks on the Jewish customs and historical investigations, Shahak teeters on the brink of the admissible; thus, the massacres of innumerable Jews, including totally harmless women and children, by Chmielnicki's Cossack hordes are described by him in terms of "rebellion against Jewish oppression". In this and similar passages Shahak's rhetoric is purely Anti-Semitic; however, the chapters focusing on the Talmudic laws concerning gentiles, though rather tendentious in quotation, are very interesting. In general, the book leaves an aftertaste of "self-hatred" but provides a valuable introduction to the subject. Although the author's conclusions should by no means be taken on trust without criticism, in other cases they can educate one out of some common myths.

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