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Lord Krishna: Incarnation Of The God

Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born in approximately 3200 BC in Mathura. He commands love, respect, and adoration from all Hindus of all walks of life. Radha symbolizes the individual soul that is awakened to the love of God and is absorbed in such love. The sound of Krishna's flute represents the call of the divine for the individual souls. The gopis' love for Krishna signifies the eternal bond between the individual soul and God. The union of the human and Divine, the dance of the souls.
Krishna enjoyed the dance of love (rasa-lila) with the gopis many of whom are expansions of His own internal energies. The supreme gopi known as Srimati Radharani is the object of Krishna's highest devotion. This beautiful dance would occur in the autumn season at night under a full moon when Lord Krishna would captivate the young gopis with the extraordinary music of His flute . These esoteric pastimes constitute the most confidential expression of divinity ever revealed.
Lord Krishna"was the Purna Avtara with 16 kalas and every act of His was full of sublime object lessons of momentous import to humanity. Study His teachings. Drink the nectar of "Bhagawat Gita". Sing His glories. Do total self surrender unto Him. You will soon attain union with Him.
Five volumes of "Yugal Sarkar" singing the glories of "Lord Krishna" and praying for mercy have been composed and collected by "Sh. R.L. Sood" (Patron Sankirtan Maha Mandal, Regd. Panjab). If anyone feels like having these collections he can write to [email protected] without hesitation. and he will be glad to supply the same.

An audio cassettte entitled "Mera Pranam" which contains devotional bhajans by "Shri R.L. Sood" and Sankirtan Party is also available. That can also be had by requesting.


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