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En Attendant Godot - Waiting For Godot
(Beckett, Samuel)

I think therefore I ?m
This famous Descartean philosophy is smashed by Samuel Beckett in all his work, and as everyone knew, his ?Waiting for Godot? is the masterpiece. ?Waiting for Godot? is just a slice of modern man?s life?s representation on the stage. The characters in this play do not belong to any single country or class. They are universal characters. Even their names, Estragon, Valdimir, Pozzo and Lucky, take a universal name. The uniqueness lies in the representation of each character. All the characters are foil to each other. When the play opens Estragen and Validimir are waiting Godot. Along the road, come two other characters Pozzo and Lucky; Pozzo who acts as a master and ?Lucky? who appears as slave. Lucky speaks rubbish in Act One but in the second act he comes as a dumb. Both the acts are just like mirrors. It reflects the futility of the modern man?s life. Lucky speaks only in Act One. Even the absurd things he blurts out make sense to the audience or the reader?s as what he conveys is again the nothingness or absurditiy of the modern life. The characters, Estragon and Valdimir are like a ball thrown on the wall. They bounce back and are unable to go away leaving the other either because of fear that Godot may come when only the other one is left on the road or might be even the feeling of unbounded bonding. They even think of suicide but are unable to commit suicide not because it?s against God?s will but Godot but save the remaining the one. The main question that hangs over anyone is who the Godot is? This is a question even Beckett himself has neither bothered to answer. The suspense and interest in play is well maintained by fact that Godot does not appear till the end of the play. The crux of the play in other words the life of modern man is summed up in

Nobody comes; nobody goes, it?s awful.

In other words we all wait for Godot, an unknown person?..it might even be personification of hope, goodness or even God. But believe that Godot would change our lives to something better.
Beckett in simple and most subtle way has portrayed the world we live in and the beliefs with which we live. The present day picture is no better that that of what Beckett had portrayed. It?s a play that endures the readers? and audience fascination for ages and it?s this naturality that makes Beckett?s Waiting for Godot outstanding in the genre Theatre of Absurd.

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