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The Diary Of Anne Frank
(Ana Frank)

Following the invasion of Holland, the Franks, German Jewish traders who had emigrated to Amsterdam in 1933, hid from the Germans in an attic above Anne's father's offices. There were eight of them altogether, and they remained hidden from June 1942 until August 1944, when they were captured and sent to concentration camps. Anne was a girl of 13 years of age, and in this place and these most precarious conditions, she wrote her astonishing diary. This took the form of letters, initially only for herself, until in spring 1944 she heard on the radio a speech bu the Dutch education minister, in exile. He said that when the war ended, all the writings testifying of the suffering of the Dutch people during the German occupation must be published. One of the examples he mentioned was the diary form. Impressed by the speech Anne Frank decided that after the war she would publish a book, and that her diary would be the basis for this. Her last entries date from the 1st August 1944. On the 4th of that month, the Germans penetrated 'the house behind' and captured Anne Frank and her family. But her diary was rescued by friends of the family, and later her father published it for the first time. There were various versions and censorships of the original text, in particular because it dealt with sexual issues too freely for the period. For Anne, who was 13 and 15 when she wrote her diary, expressed her dislikes and irritations as openly as her likes. Finally, the Diary that we now know is a unique testimony of the horrors and barbarism of the Nazis, and of the feelings and experiences of Anne and her companions. Anne died in the Bergen-Belsen camp in March 1945. Her Diary will never die.

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