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(Chuck Palahniuk)

Chuck Palahniuk is a writer much fashionable ones and has written these 400 and broken off story pages.
the book is structured like antichi seicenteschi novels in picaresco style (insomma like the writing of the Don Chisciotte).
Therefore with I interlace of base on which they are grafts several storys to you puttinges in mouth to the protagonists.

second of cover it assimilates it to Boccaccio and Chaucer and their capolavori: Decameron and the storys of Canterbury; but to my warning it is wanted uselessly to be scomodare the large ones of the literature, but Palahniuk is not limited to the story writing where the personages of the main weft are only one excuse for giving voice to triggered (but to the times the not to the height of the program of Pahalniuk) fantasy of the author.

If the personages of the ?Decameron? are, from the point of view novellistic, inconsistent, that is to the end of the book the storys are remembered several and the personages of the same ones as They calender, the old judge, the checkerses libertine but above all the organized pranks to the damages of the popolani of the '300, in Palahniuk, on the contrary little remains of several storys but he is stretched to remember the weft of bottom and the personages whom they tell, little like in the cited ?Don Chisciotte? or also of the 120 days of Sodoma of D.A.F de Sade.

the writing of Palahniuk is much baroque one, to the times too much, a lot pulp and the making irruption of ?reality show? in the literary context like part of the truth imagined of the human being the subordinate to ?virtual? living conditions is felt by now also where as it is appeared it is often more important than like that one is ?truly in reality real? (where nobody sees to us).

In so far as ?Guinea-pigs? succeed in its attempt of estremizzare interlace it novellistic of bottom and to construct a situation that is to half between ?Survivor? and ?Taboo?.
But in this book the situation has more of the spettacolarizzati implications, that is what of terrible and pulp it happens is only finalized a notoriety search once escapes from the context of the reality.
Therefore it is assisted to automutilazioni and they make of the things that truly they stretch to destroy the little taboo still remained in the modern society in order to remain to the center of the scene with the hope to participate, if survivors, to the philosophical symposia of ours were: the talk show.

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