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Virtual Network Service
(bharat bhushan agarwal, anupam agarwal, sumit prakash tayal, shakshi goyal)

This paper describes a framework for Virtual Network Service (VNS), which is one of services for next generation networks. VNS is a network service provided on a managed IP network that would enable the provisioning of virtual private networks (VPN) that are guaranteed with quality of service (QoS). The target customer for such a service would be a large corporation with multiple geographical sites that is interested building an Intranet. For a lower cost than building a real network or leasing physical lines, VNS can provide customers with connections that are secured and provisioned with quality of service.
Value added service is the wave of the future for IP networking. The growth of the Internet, the World Wide Web and an exponentially increasing number of Internet savvy consumers have created a thriving market that many businesses are beginning to leverage. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular as a medium for business transactions. This has consequently led to an increase in data networking needs across the board in enterprises of all sizes. Reliance on data networks is so critical that network outages usually result in losses of millions of dollars. Network service providers are constantly pressured to provide reliable and highly available data networking. For services such as IP telephony to be realized on a wide scale, performance of IP networks needs to be improved. Emerging on the horizon are rich media applications and technologies that are aimed at enriching the web user experience. Although some of these applications, such as IP telephony, are not bandwidth intensive, they would benefit from predictable network service. The current best-effort service model of the Internet cannot support the level of service required by these applications

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