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The History Of Conny Carter
(felicity king)

I love the beach i love the beach it is the only time I can be aoone digging .I like digging todayI thought I would go for a good dig.I always found stuff like an old earing .
So I started to dig deeper and deeper ,depper ,and deper until I hit what i thought was the core of the earth but it was not it was an grubby ancient looking chest with jewels encrusted into it a golden buckle and a big brass lock.I was so curious I had to open it but I didn't want to because it looked so beautiful but curiosity took over I picked the lock with my hair pin .It contained a rather tatty peice of paper and a box with copper corners shining in the sunluight .
I ran home so I could take a better look at my strange find . I sat down on a rather hard chair in the dinning room. I opened the box like it was the crown jewels I was about to touch.I grabbed the paper out of the box and I saw it was a letter it read :
Dearest Poppy
O how much I miss having you here with me by the way Daisy will marry Mr Whitstable tommorrow and old Annie didn't get better from her terrible cough she was burried yesterday and yes they are still after me those terrible burgaluars I am writing this from the basement in case they find me they still want to stealmy chest so i will send you the chest with this letter and I want you to burry it when I die so they can't get it dont let anyone take it from
Backpool beach please or they will find them.
Love From Conny Carter

As soon as I had read the letter I put it back in the whole but I dug the hole a lot deeper hoping the stress that Conny suffered would not happen to anyone else.

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