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Statesman (the Statesman)

British school it renders to Chinese studies obligatory Richard Garner from
London marks it that one that main the independent school in
Large has rendered to learn of obligatory Chinese for all the
relati students to you. The sig. Richard Cairns, headmaster of the university de
Brighton has announced this outline for being carried out from
next september. Its Dott.Anthony Seldon of the ulterior predecessore
has wished to diffuse to learn of the language in independent
and declares the schools in consideration of the truth that China
has replaced Large like the economy of quarter of the world this
year. Dr. Seldon has wished turned Large to towards
the high to this challenge from that he learns the Chinese language and the cultivation.
he has already established the past year the ties between this school and of
the secondary school in Beijing during its call to that place.
the cultural exchanges between the two schools are on the anvil. it has said that
China would surpass the America in order to transform itself in in superpower one of
number more soon than previewed how much. It was that therefore of fundamental importance
that the students have learned approximately of the larger country
of the world and have made that one enough soon in the life. Dr.
Seldon has praised the process to learn Chinese of the cultivation like
deeply educational and of civilizzazione of experience with the study
of the Mandarin.

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