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Robots And Empire
(Isaac Asimov)

The termine* of history of fanta-science, laughed them to years ninety, the scientist who memory is like the feeling that tests when you compose one list, of the points, a program for a search. The author of remains like ?the icona to magnify with a cut to its height in order to divide it between calpestìo/soffittto * 68 Cm?. Sure the system in order to read, living an author remains the acquaintance of these in the real life, attention, not that television medianica. We think the author on the whole, sometimes in a read phrase, we imagine the person, and with this we consider the affection, the feeling, it wants to determine the choice to it to still buy its next book, even if draft a various argument from the previous one, living the free time with he, through the work we are aware it are some it leave integrating. In the same moment that the author composes the program of job, and step after step considers and reconsiders main and secondary. The artist that I know, I know it for a phrase, I consider it for a single gesture, the way to appear-not and we are aware to invest in the work in how much such one because we want to remain with he, as we will exit with an old friend to drink a latte/caffe, that we meet alone, after?

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