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Setup Campus Network
(kaushal patel)


A Small University Network Design (Spring 2006)

Kaushal Patel, B.S., R.G. Science

A Small University Network (SUN) can be set up in different ways but, most importantly, it should be cost effective, be secure, and give better performance. This thesis defines a Small University Network model that is cost effective and secure and provides better performance. This model is compared to other small network enterprises to ensure network performance improvements, and it is compared with different types of network configurations as well. The thesis also provides information about Local Area Network (LAN) Quality of Service (QOS), and suggests the LAN technology that is the most appropriate for a small university.
Once the network is set up with the right equipment, the problem is performance. The primary goal of the Small University Network model is to achieve the maximum level of reliability and flexibility. The SUN supports operations with minimum downtime and will provide for expansion without requiring major hardware and technology changes in the future. Until recently, the conventional wisdom has been that QOS was not an issue in an enterprise campus network where bandwidth is plentiful. The SUN model is flexible enough to incorporate emerging technologies with minimal impact to the current design. Performance is another important factor in the SUN model. Since most of the users will be students, firewall setup is important to block unsuitable websites and to save bandwidth usage. Finally, the price of the network is also important since it is one of the requirements of the network. A price goal also can be achieved by using the SUN model.

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