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Movies Into Book
(John Shirley; Peter David; Jane and John Smith)

Normally when I read a book that was a movie first and not
the other way around, the people who just so happen to see me reading
said book tend to sneer.
Why is this? The answer, It's the worst thing you can do to a movie, is along the lines of what I get.
Why? I would ask, only to get a blank stare and a few incoherent mumbles in return.
As of this writing I have Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
Constantine, and Spider-man 2 on my shelf, and I loved every one of
them. I cannot explain what has people on guard whenever they see me
reading them. Just recently I looked on the bookshelf in the local Wall
Mart and saw Underworld: Evolution up for sale. The only reason why I
didn't buy it right then and there was because of my lack of cash.
What I like about reading books that have been popular
movies first is that I get the chance to see the movie and know what
happens before it hits the big screen, and like all books you read
you're also constantly aware what the characters are thinking without
having to rely on their expressions alone should there be a scene with
no dialogue, not to mention little tid bits you find in the books that
don't make it into the movie, which I think make them far more
Perhaps it's only the people I hang out with, because
regardless of the negativity I've seen surrounding these books they're
obviously selling well enough to keep them in stores.
Until the next movie-turned-book, I'll say farewell.

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