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Flashbulb Memory


Memory is nothing but the power or faculty of retaining the knowledge of past thoughts, in other words remembering or recollecting the information of the past. The better the information is processed the better the chances of information getting into memory. It has also been seen that more practice or rehearsal on information has better chances of remembrance.
It has also been noticed that many people try to remember but always tend to forget. They know the information but it remains at the tip of the tongue. This retrieval failure is called Tip Of the Tongue or TOT.
Here the information is available but people find it difficult to access.
Memories are classified as declarative memory and procedural memory. Declarative memory is static and procedural memory is dynamic in nature. Declarative memory describes what things are in the world for instance how to spell words, remembering birthdays etc.; procedural memory describes how to do things in the world for example ride a horse.
Declarative memory is further classified into episodic and semantic memories. The former has time stamp on memories and the latter has lost its time reference.
Flashbulb memories are those memories that are not erased and remains in the memory bank and they seem like as if they just happened. Some memories might change or distorted, but these memories remains in the memory bank. Flashbulb memories are those, which has significant importance in a person?s life that cannot be easily forgotten.
People?s shared experiences could be examined to study flashbulb memories. The examples of flashbulb memories were the assassination of John F. Kennedy, princess Diana?s death, Challenger space shuttle disaster, Iraq war, recent terrorists attack, etc.
The writer has his share of flashbulb memories. Since childhood the writer has a great crush on one of the pop divas in his country. He almost fell in love with her at the first sight. Since she was popular it was very difficult to meet her. On her countrywide tour she came to the writer?s city. At the time of the event the writer managed to skip into her rest room. At first she was astonished but when he explained about his crush she let him to stay with her the whole day. She was a wonderful lady. It was an unforgettable moment of his life. It seems like it just happened a moment ago.
The next was when the writer joined the college to complete the engineering course. The first day of the college was totally fun. Though the seniors ragged him sooner he became their friend. In first year the seniors gave fresher party, in second year we our party to our juniors, in third year we gave farewell party to bid adieu our seniors and in the final year our juniors gave farewell party. The writer will always remember these moments throughout his life. He still feels as they happened yesterday. These moments has significant importance in his life.
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