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Water Melon
(Marian Keyes)

Claire and James had been married three years when they had their first child, a baby girl. On the day of the birth, James drops a double bombshell on Claire: He is in love with someone else and is leaving her for the woman.

Feeling shocked and stunned, Claire calls her best friend, Judy, who, it turns out, already knew. Someone who works with James told a friend, who told another friend, who told Judy?s boyfriend, who told Judy.

Claire feels like an even bigger fool when she finds out that her husband was actually having an affair with their neighbour, from downstairs, and that he wants to divorce her and marry the neighbour. Claire is devastated, so she decides to go home, back to Dublin.

In Dublin, Claire gives her little girl a name - Kate, after her maternal grandmother - and also goes through a transformative process. At first, she spends a lot of time feeling sorry for herself, going over why James left her, giving into her anger, etc. Then she pulls herself together, gets into grips with motherhood, and on the path to recovery, by accepting what has happened.

Then Adam comes into her life. A tall, handsome, sexy, blue-eyed mature student who is on the same college course as her beautiful younger sister Helen (who drives men crazy, and gets them to do homework for her). Helen clearly fancies Adam, but Adam is more interested in Claire.

At first she denies her feelings for him and fights off every advance, but then gradually gives in, and finally, they sleep together, Claire enjoys every moment and regrets nothing. But everything goes wrong when James turns up, and wants Claire back.

Claire is confused, as she still loves him, but she?s also falling for Adam. She agrees to see him, and questions why, but James doesn?t display any sorrow, in fact, he blames her. He tells Claire that it was her fault; she was too immature, he was tired of always being the responsible one in the relationship, he wanted to be looked after. That was what he got from the woman he left her for. He tells her that he will only take her back if she agrees to change and become more wife-y.

Claire, being confused, begins to believe him, and agrees to go back to London with him and fix their marriage. This doesn?t go down well with Helen, who thinks she is being stupid (and doesn?t hesitate to tell her so), and Adam, who feels used.

Before going back to London, though, Claire calls James? office, to let him know her flight plans, but he isn?t in, instead she speaks his colleague, George, who helps Claire put things into perspective. He tells Claire how sorry James was that they had split up, and how devastated he had been. How James had been jealous of Claire?s outgoing nature, and believed she?d be the one to have an affair.

After the conversation with George, Claire phones Judy, who tells her the same thing, that James is mad about her and was insecure and scared of losing her, that?s why he ran off with the neighbour (who was fat and unattractive). Claire feels like a fool again, then anger takes over and she decides to go to London, but without the baby or any clothes, she decides to go and confront James. But before she goes to London, she finds out that Adam has a girlfriend and a baby that he didn?t tell her about.

In London, Claire confronts James, but he simply refuses to admit that he made a mistake, refuses to acknowledge that he was wrong, and is determined to keep Claire believing that it was all her fault. ?She will have to change if they are to make their marriage work? he keeps saying. Claire realises that all James wants to do, is control her. So she takes her things and goes back to Ireland, without a reconciliation.

On getting back to Dublin, Claire realises how much she has grown up. James tries to get her back, but she refuses, then he tries to hurt her by telling her about his new girlfriend, who is younger than her, but is then hurt when she doesn?t care. Also, she finally gets an explanation out of Adam, about the girlfriend and baby.

It turns out that Adam and his girlfriend had been together two years before they split up, because it wasn?t working. They had an on/off relationship, and always ended up sleeping together, then the girlfriend got pregnant. She was only twenty-two, so they discussed solutions, including marriage and abortion. The girlfriend?s parents involved themselves and took the girlfriend away to live with them, away from Adam.

A year later (now - when Adam is telling Claire the story), the girlfriend turns up with the baby, a girl, and makes amends. She wants to go travelling and see the world, but she doesn?t want the burden of a baby, so she asks Adam to look after her. Also, Claire is going back to her old job in London, and it turns out so is Adam, he?s got a job out there and is taking his daughter to live there with him. So they promise to keep in touch, and offer their babysitting services for each other.

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