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(The Bible)

Probably the most powerful narration in the bible, Ecclesiastes deals
with some tough philosophy in depth. The narrator looks at life in its
nakedness, unveiled by false pretenses and vague promises; so much so,
the narration has variously be described as depressive to morbid. This
might well be a misunderstanding if one tries to understand the real
intent behind the words - which could be interpreted as laying of a
foundation in raw reality of life from which one has a chance to see
the real design of God and what He intented.
From Jeremiah to Zechariah, The Bible of replete with stories of
Prophets who, though the examples of their own lives, have time and
again reminded believers how dangerous and futile it is to run
after wealth and glory forgetting God. 'All is vanity..' is the
only real foundation from which an indestructible edifice of real
belief in God can be built - and no where else in the Bible is this
stated so directly as in Ecclesiastes.

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