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Gone With The Wind
(Margaret Mitchell)

Green-eyed Scarlett O?Hara, strong willed and not truly beautiful but she knew how to charm most of the young men who are mostly besotted with her. Her mother was a French aristocrat who married her Irish peasant father who has done good with establishing his estate at Tara. It was just pure luck for Gerald O?Hara to be able to marry Ellen Robillard because her beau died and she was reluctantly allowed by her father to marry Gerald. Scarlet was going to a ball at Twelve Oaks beside Tara and she was shocked to learn that Ashley Wilkes and Melanie Hamilton?s engagement was to be announced. She knew that Ashley was besotted with her and she was in love with him. She hatched a plan to entice Ashley to run away with her but he refused and it was witnessed by Rhett Butler. She was embarrassed by this and just to save her pride she seduced Charles, Melanie?s brother. As the young men were going to enlist for the Confederacy to fight the Yanks, Ashley and Charles? wedding to Melanie and Scarlett occurred before they left to go to war. After seven weeks, Charles died of pneumonia in camp. Scarlett was pregnant by then and the baby named Wade was born without much difficulty. She was dispatched to spend time with her mother?s sisters in Savannah but did not like it there. She ended up at Charles? Aunt Pitty-Pat?s place with Melanie in Atlanta. They all lent a hand tending to the wounded soldiers at the hospital and helping raise money for the Confederacy. It was during one of the charity balls to raise funds that Rhett came back into her life. She has scandalised herself by abandoning her mourning period by dancing with Rhett. So Rhett became a regular visitor at Pitty-Pat?s place. Rhett pursued her relentlessly and they were the subject of gossip. Melanie became pregnant after Ashley?s vacation and when he left he asked Scarlett to take care of Melanie. As the Yanks has overtaken Atlanta , Scarlett took Melanie and her newborn baby, Wade and her maid to go back to Tara. Rhett stole a lame horse and carriage and midway left her to continue on to Tara as he enlisted himself to join the artillery. She found that her mother died the day before and Gerald has lost his mind. Most of the neighbouring estates were burned to the ground and she was left to feed and clothe her family , leftover servants , Melanie and the baby. Now the Yanks wanted taxes and she left for Atlanta to borrow money from Rhett. But Rhett was in prison and unable to draw money on time. She met Frank Kennedy, her sister Suellen?s beau and when she learned that he had a growing business she decided to seduce him. He married her and eventually she got the money for Tara. When Rhett got out of jail she found out what she has done.
When Ashley returned from prison he stayed at Tara with Melanie and the baby. Rhett resented the fact that Ashley too is living on Scarlett?s charity. She borrowed money from Rhett to buy the lumber company that Frank wanted to buy. She has managed the business even if people criticise her for working like a man even when she was pregnant with Frank?s baby. After giving birth she was nearly assaulted on the way home in the carriage. Now it turned out that Frank was a member of the Klux clan and he got shot after he and Ashley went to avenge her. Rhett was able to save Ashley and another man with a scheme. By this time Rhett was determined to marry her even if the Frank?s funeral was still to be organised. She did marry him and she had all the money from Rhett to build a big house and live in luxury. She gave birth to Rhett?s baby. She was named Bonnie for she looked like Gerald and Rhett?s love for her was transferred to the daughter. Rhett resented the fact that in spite of her spoiling and loving her she was still lusting after Ashley. When she decide not to sleep with Rhett anymore he spent times with his whore mistress. He came home one night and violently had sex with her. She took Bonnie to meet his mother and sister in Savannah as well asScarlett?s two aunts. They stayed there for a while. Scarlett found out she was pregnant and when Rhett came back they had a row about her pregnancy and she accidentally fell off the stairs and lost the baby. Rhett was sick with remorse and was waiting for her to call out to him but she did not. She still could not feel Rhett?s love for her. Bonnie died after falling off her horse and Rhett went mad and refused to have the child buried and remained in his room. His mother and Scarlett?s aunts were there for the funeral. Melanie was able to convince him to be sensible. Soon Melanie got pregnant against the doctor?s wishes and told Scarlett how Rhett really loved her after she had the miscarriage and how Scarlett was really blind to all this because of Ashley. When she talked to Rhett about it and told him she was shocked. His love for her has gone with the wind.

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