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(Anne Rice)

As many of you know, I have been reading the books in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. This book is the first in her New Tales of the Vampires, although it is basically carrying on the story, and telling of the lives of other characters in her past novels.

Anne Rice?s first chronicle was the famous Interview With The Vampire, which was made into a motion picture in 1994. She followed the success of that book with the second chronicle, The Vampire Lestat, then with Queen of the Damned, which is the book that Pandora was first mentioned. The last two, Tale of the Body Thief and Memnoch the Devil were both about the vampire Lestat again.

Anne Rice now tells us about other vampires that have been mentioned in her past books, and this includes Pandora. Others are still mentioned in this book, including Lestat, Armand and Marius.

At the end of the book, Tale of the Body Thief, Lestat gets his own body back after he was tricked by a mortal into an exchange. The mortal body that he had, was then taken over by David Talbot, the 74 year old man, head of the Talamasca. Lestat then made him a vampire.
So, David Talbot, now a vampire, meets up with Pandora to ask her to write her life story for him, as Louis and Lestat have already done with their books. She is reluctant, but agrees.

The book then, is about Pandora, and what her life was like before and after becoming a vampire. How she was the only daughter of a Roman Senator, and her love for poetry and education. At the age of 10, she meets Marius, then a mortal, and is instantly drawn to him. At the age of 15, Marius asks her father for her hand in marriage, but he refuses.
Roman wars between it?s leaders and religion, force her to flee to Antioch. Her family have been slaughtered for being traitors (You will find out who the informant was later in the book).

Anne Rice describes beautifully the surroundings, people and objects that you can almost see them. Her knowledge of history is excellent, filling me in on a few things I didn?t learn at school.

Pandora meets up again with Marius, but this time he is a vampire, and means her no harm. (Marius is the one that made Armand, and the keeper of the vampire King and Queen, if you have been following my opinions).
He does make her into a vampire, just over half way through the book, and they remain together for several hundred years. She goes on to tell us of other vampires that happen upon them to drink from the King and Queen, and how history and religion begins to change in the world. Although they love each other, they do have heated arguments about what they each believe in, and finally Marius leaves, taking the King and Queen with him.
The next time the two meet up is in the book, Queen of the Damned.

Writing this for David has brought back her feelings for Marius, and she wants to go to New Orleans to see him again, and also to see Lestat after his tour of Heaven and Hell with Memnoch the Devil.

The book can get a little boring in places, but for lovers of period novels, it is a must. The next book on my list? The Vampire Armand.

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