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The Foolish King And The Clever Minister

Long ago, there lived a king. Though we was very kind to his people, he was not a clever man. Many people in his court were cheating him. He beleived every one and acted according to their statements without knowing the facts. In his court, there was a minister and he was very clever. He was sad because of the activities of the king. He wanted his king to be clever and intelligent. But the same time, he was afraid of talking to him about this.
One day, a man came to his court,and said that he could do wonders. He said he could do many things which others could not. The king wanted to test him. There was a cold stream near his palace. The king asked the man to be in the water for a full day. He appointed four persons to watch him.
Next day morning, the man came to the court and said he had finished that job. It was a surprise to the king because he knew that it was very cold and it would not be possible for anyone to be there for such a long time. The king enquired about it and questioned how it was possible for him to stay there and what he was doing during that period. The man told the king that it was very difficult for him to stay in that cold water and he was just watching the light on the tower of the palace to forget the feeling of the coldness.
But the king refused to give him any prize saying that it was possible for him to stay in the cold water because of the power of the light. The credit should be given to the light and not to the person who did it. The man was very sad and went out weeping.
The minister called him and promised that he would surely get the reward from the king soon and asked him to stay with him till then.
Next day, the minister invied the king to his home since he was celebrating his birth day. The king accepted the invitation. The king and the queen came to the minister's house for the dinner. Since the king knew that the cooking of the minister would be very tasteful, he did not eat anything from the morning so that he could enjoy the food. But the minister was just about to cook. He said, My Lord, please wait for some time and I will make a very delicious food for you as early as possible. The king was watching the actions of his minister.
The minister put the rice and vegetables in a pot and put it on the oven. Then he went to another room and he did not come out for a while. The king followed him. He was surprised to see the minister was sitting near a fire. The king said, What are you doing here? I have been waiting there. You have not come there to light the oven so far. The minsiter humbly replied, Please forgive me for the delay. Here I have made the fire already in this room and soon the food would be boiled. The king was angry because of this. He said, Are you a fool?
Do you think that the fire in this room would help the food to get boiled? The minister replied, When a man can sit in a very cold water because of the heat of the light of the palace tower, this is also possible. Then the king realized his mistake and asked the man to come to his court and honoured him with gold.

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