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The Real Love

Once there lived a couple. They were very poor. They liked each other very much. They were very affectionate with their neighbours also. He was working in a shop and he was earning a little money. His earnings were not sufficient for them to lead their day to day life. She was also working to get some money. She was very beautiful and she had a long blonded hair, she liked her hair very much and she was very careful in maintaining her hair. She wanted to have a gold clip for her hair so that she would look more beautiful. But the finanical position of her, did not permit her to buy one. She had this desire for a long time but could not fulfill it.
Her husband used to wear a wrist watch. The strap of his watch was getting old and did't look nice.She wanted to replace it with a gold strap. She was thinking always about this. Her husband was also interested in that gold strap. She wanted to present her husband some special gift during X Mas festival. But at the same time the husband was thinking to present a very special gift to his beloved wife. He thought that she would be glad if she gets a gold clip for her beautiful hair.
Though he had the desire to do this,he had not enough money. Suddenly he had an Idea. Immediately he went to a shop and sold his wrist watch. Then, the money was sufficient for him to buy that gold clip. He purchased that gold clip and packed it attractively and brought it home. At the same time, his wife was thinking to buy a gold strap for her husband. She decided to sacrifice her beautiful hair for the cause of pleasure of her husband. She went to the shop to sell her hair and got the required money to buy the gold strap. Atonce she entered the Shop and bought the beautiful gold strap for her husband. In the evening, her husband came home with full pleasure and presented her the gift pack. He was surprised to see her, wearing a cap. He asked why she was wearing such a large cap. She didn't answer. She went inside and brought the special gift and presented to him. She said, This is the gold strap, which you are looking for a long time. Please replace this new gold strap for your wrist watch. He asked her to open the gift pack. She was delighted to see the gold clip but without hair. She told her husband that she purchased the gold strap by selling her hair. He then said, I have sold my watch to buy the gold clip for your beautiful hair. Both hugged each other with joyous tears.

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