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Qualification To Teach

Once there lived a saint. He had many students. They lived in a hut, which was an Ashram. They had a big garden and they cultivated the required vegetables and flowers. All the students were very sincere with their master. He was very kind with them and never scoled them even when they made mistakes. But at the same time, he adviced them in such a way that they were eagar to follow his instructions.
One day, a lady with a boy came to the ashram and met the saint. She informed the saint that his son was eating much sweets, which was not good for his health. The saint looked the boy and thought that he was a good boy. The saint said, Please come after a week's time. Surely I shall give my advice to him. She was surprised by his words but she did not tell anything and said she would come again after a week.
After a week's time, the lady and her son came to the ashram to meet the saint. The saint told the boy not to eat sweets because it would spoil his health. The boy said, OK sir, Thank you for your kind advice. Right from now, I shall follow it. The lady asked why she was asked to come after a week just to give that small instruction and advice to the boy. The saint replied that he himself was having the habit of eating sweets and it took a week's time for him to stop eating sweets and that was the real reason for the delay.
He said, First you have to qualify yourself before you teach others.

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