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Saint And His Wife

In India there was a place called kamapura it is a place for the prostitution. There was a man called Mukesh was living their. He wanted to correct a woman from that area and wanted to marry her; he found a woman and married her. His wife said him, I do not believe in living with one man, but for your love I am willing to be with you.

Days went one day parent of his wife came and asked money from her. She said I am not in a position to give any money, Three times like this made Mrs Mukesh to rethink of her decision. She went to the broker and asked him to send men to her address.

Mr. Mukesh came from his long business journey. Noticed every thing. He did not relocate his house instead he made his mind to become saint. He had lot of deciles. The king of the place also visited Mukesh as consulting saint. He had deciles for all his movement lived a luxuries life.

One day Saint Mukesh passed away. The same day his wife also passed away. The saint was taken to hell. And his wife was taken to heaven. He not able digest this justice of the God. He asked explanations. The leader of the palace came and explained him, as when he was alive lived a luxurious life, every day lunch with VIP and moving in charades.

On the other hand his wife was doing prostitution but always remembered God and served the poor people to her best of level. The judge further said to him you deserve this treatment and your wife deserve such treatment.

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