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The Myth Of Sisyphus
(Albert Camus)

The second of the absurds. Camus in this more literature than philosphy book deals with the phenomenon of suicide, analyzing the crucial factors tha are interconnected in order to create it. Some of the best analyses and points about belief or atheism also can be found in this book. Sisiphus, the ultimate absurd hero according to Camus, was condemned to all those he was condemned for a reason strikingly absurd if one digs a little deeper: Just for loving what we call arbitrarily call life so much. Such a love for life and 'proper' human existence led Sisiphus to oposse himself against the gods, resulting in what we all know his punishment was. 60 years or so this book still sounds so fresh. And it is so, that as long as you don't stop pushing the stone, you won't get defeated by life, no matter how many times more you will have to pull the stone again up.

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