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Snake And Eagle

Once upon a time there lived a saint called Roybin. The saint was very much affectionate to all the people of town called Zarkat in France. The saint was very kind and every day he was conducting prayer meeting. He was not connected to any religion.

All religious people use to visit his prayer. His prayers were more successful to all. saint Roybin had 12 acres land and he also loved all birds animals. Some birds like berate used to visit his holly place and use to sit in his shoulders.

The great bird eagle use to sit in harm. The snake use to role on his body. Some times the snake ties his neck. Most of the time he was appearing to the public only with the snake. The people use to surprise looking eagle and snake at the same place without any fight in between them. Children of the town were more attracted to this place. They bring their parents to be there always.

Saint Roybin found a fox on his way while he goes for walking. The fox said the eagle, you are a great bird. How do you allow the snake to be at our boss neck always. This made the eagle to get ego. It went to the snake and told, I am the leader among all exclusive of our boss. If the boss takes you to his neck, I do not object, If you take an advantage of his love, I will eat you one day.

The snake had an equal ego. The eagle fixed the day for snake. The saint was not able to look at this fight, and as like all the days he was praying for all the beings. The day has come eagle seriously tracing the snake, The saint did not know this argument in between snake and the eagle. He casually lifted the snake and covered his neck

The eagle flew off. The snake asked the eagle how are you dear? The eagle replied the snake every body will be happy if they do not change their position. Saint Roybin smiled.

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