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(NIV Study Bible)

The book of Habakkuk in the Bible is believed to have been written in one of two different time periods: 640-609 B.C. or 609-598 B.C. Regardless of the correct date, Habakkuk deals with Judah?s evil living, and God?s punishment through the Babylonians. It is a conversation between Habakkuk and God.

Habakkuk opens with the prophet?s complaints to God questing why the evil men are allowed to live and prosper in Judah. Where is God?s justice? Where is God?

God?s reply is that he will use Babylon to punish Judah for their wicked ways

Habakkuk then asks God how a loving God can use the evil Babylonians to punish Judah, God?s chosen people. Even though Judah?s people are sinning against God, how can a just God send an even more evil people to exact punishment?

God?s reply is basically; do not worry, the Babylonians will get their just chastisement. In God?s good time, the enemies of His people will see punishment greater than Habakkuk can imagine. Habakkuk must learn to be patient, knowing God will act when the time is right.

Finally, Habakkuk acknowledges of God?s divine power and trusts that God will help His people. Habakkuk is comforted in the fact that God will take care of His people in His own time and in His own way.

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