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(The Bible)

In Psalm 50, the writer joyously refers to the days of yore when God spoke and it was done. He insists that God still speaks, that God is in His Word and His power too.The Lord will always have His way via His Word. Frighteningly, the Psalmist also states that a time is coming when God will order the universe to produce everyone who has ever lived and present them before God's seat of judgement. This applies to all people no matter in which era they lived and no matter where or how they died. Some might have drowned and their bodies never recovered, some might have gone on space missions and never returned, they will all be fished out. They will all find themselves standing before God at the end to give account of how they spent their lives.

God then directly speaks to His people through the writer. He starts by saying that He cannot fault His people for their steadfastness and constancy in making sacrifices and burnt offerings. He seems to notice however that these things have become ritualistic and that people now appear to think that perhaps He is bloodthirsty or hungary for meat.. He states that what He really wants from the people is a heart to heart, genuine relationship where people would obey Him and also fulfill the pledges they made that they would hearken to His voice. He says this would brighten the relationship between Him and the people and this would make it easy for them to talk to Him freely and He in turn will hear them from on high.

Finally, the Lord speaks to the wicked saying that the wicked should not pretend to be good when he is not as He (God) cannot be deceived. The Almighty wants change from within that would show in the way life is lived. He says that if does not happen, a terrible judgement follows.

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