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Adam Buenos Ayres
(Leopoldo Marechal)

The argentinian novel has in this work its great literary monument. In her, Marechal develops the great universal subjects (the search of the human essence, the love as I raise ethical and aesthetic, the friendship, the adventure and the recognition by the deepest roots of the human being, etc.) from a classic vision but simultaneously very argentinian. From Metaphysical waking up of Adam to the incredible infernal descent, the hero crosses streets, social gatherings, meetings, the field, gathering with his glance each particle of nationality and humanity. How Ulises, must draw for infinite tests, although they are not nor Polífemo or Circe, but people of the district or I beg that it puts alerts to people in the door of the Church of the Christ of Broken Hand. When the group of friends of Adam is in the social gathering of the Amundsen, social and cultural worlds are shown different: the English with its civilized belief of the native ones, the intellectuals who collaborate with them, typical the frivolous and superficial beings of the average argentinian, the apostatized ones that do not look for another thing that its revolutionary origins, etc. There also the love figured through the figure is made present of Solvein and a Notebook of Blue Covers. The narrative rate is delayed in the precise description but it does not lose dramatic tension, as if a representation it was. If there is something it emphasizes is tastefull and refined humor (although often it seems that it falls in crude or the coarse thing by a use of the lacking language of eufemisms); the irony is always present to make the picture of personages and situations more evident. In sum, one is a complex but exquisite novel, whose personages summon up life by their humanity and wonderful literary construction, standing out specially, in addition to Adam, the philosopher Samuel Tesler. Recommended its reading like something essential if it is wanted to know the essence truely River plate.

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