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Vienna Architecture & Design
(Christian Schonwetter)

I was visiting recently - with family - in Austria's beautiful City of Vienna and staying just outside the city limits:

I wondered into several ancient and modern museums and my eye was drawn in the Gift Shop to a Publication available to the customers in this shop: It's by way, of, a GUIDE!

It is well presented in German, and for the reader in English; there are lots of excellent photographs and inserts to make it intelligible to all and sundry: as indeed, the audience and customers in that Gift Book, are many and varied. There are many modernistic structures and they compose a large part of this Guide Book! For example /The Gasometer/ lies at the City Gates and is an old structure modernised into a shopping mall, with apartments adjacent to the main buildings Its a question of what I refer to as
/running the system/ and looking at these wonderful photographs displayed in this Guide Book.
With hindsight I would have bought one of these apartments adjacent to the Gasworks but then that was last year's offer! Perhaps I might get a swish apartment in Central Vienna close to the Theatre! As no doubt that would not only suit my pocket but also my family could then visit me as they live adjacent to the City of Vienna in Austria!

Flicking along the pages I chanced upon the /Business Center/ which is along a street corner in
Vienna's 16th District: the accompanying photograph well displays a modernisque approach to architectural design! The roof appears to slope rather like a ski chalet! It looks, positively enchanting! Its purpose is to house new business enterprises/

This book is well priced at Euro 14.90 and in essence, there is,
Westlicht Schaupplatz fur Fotografie which houses Exhibitions of both an historic and contemporary nature; These can be viewed in the loft of this building.

Le Meridien is a building situated near Vienna's Opera House and, the architecture is again uncompromisingly /modern/ and it offers accommodation to Vienna's tourists and guests alike I am sure that a /good time/ was enjoyed by all! Its a Guide Book about a delightful City and a great introduction to those of us interested and fascinated by Vienna's Architecture! Well worth the money!

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