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Eats Shots & Leaves
(Lynne Truss)

This book amused me as I bought it as part of a discount deal in Winchester locally! Where would I get fifty pounds to buy expensive books or indeed how would I have the time as a busy teacher to read reviews in the midst of my international schedule! Well, funnily enough, I was waiting at London Heathrow Airport, browsing through the bookstores there, having just cut my hand, bought Bandaid bandages from the nearby Chemist, when I saw all these books! NO! I warned myself! Stop throwing your hardearned money back at popular books : after all I am also a writer myself and I could do with the fee!

However, I overcame this prejudice upon my return to the UK mainland: thus the latest Book on Punctuation caught my eye! It has an amusing approach to punctuation: that is part of my specialism of English Language Teaching, but then Lynn Truss doesn't stop there: she moves into a whistle stop tour of Literature in English! We have constant referencing of writers from GB Shaw to Martin Amis, his Dad Kingsley Amis,
Henry Fielding, and back and forth throughout literary history and experience.

Mind you, she makes her POINT with great clarity! The Americans refer to a FULL STOP as a PERIOD (obviously for my generation at my local college): Lynn Truss attended school in England! I feel, she skates too freely over World Literature and there are obvious omissions of great writers in English which are not included! I leave you to discover them yourselves: For my part, I see no references to poets like myself who slavishly include punctuation: having worked and taught Business English I always teach that economy and brevity save a lot of legal arguements: however, Lynn Struss continues:

The most amusing part of her work is when she dips into story telling thus: quote - Martin Amis :
in the War Against Cliche - and extensively refers to: dashes, hyphens, exclamation marks, and italics!
/Stella/ /Christ/ become THIS and you appear in her wonderful little book! I felt so troubled years ago that I wrote a poem on the very subject/Stella!

Delightfully amusing little book - I enjoyed reading all about PUNCTUATION, even though, it was something of a /bus man's holiday/

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