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(The Bible)

This is a classic case of where faith, shrouded in praise, is deployed as a weapon of warfare. The writer of Psalm 9 praises the Lord God for enemies who are still standing but who will soon fall and perish in God's presence. It works because the praise is from the heart and the Almighty looks on the heart. However, the Psalmist extols the name of the Lord not only for what He will do to the enemies but also for what He has done in the past. He states that God, as the righteous judge, had cause to vindicate him in the past and has rebuked, for his sake, the heathen who do not know God. According to him, the Lord has also destroyed perpetrators of evil, that is, those whose stock in trade is wickedness.

He confirms that the acts of God towards both the righteous and the wicked are continuous. He thunders, 'And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he..........' The fact is that God will repay people according to the works of their hands. It equally confirms that many of the things we see, read about or hear of are perhaps the verdicts of heaven. His judgements are always right because He is righteous and He knows all the facts. God judges kingdoms, nations, communities and individuals.

The writer, rallying the people to a carnival of praise, reminds them to always testify not only to the goodness but also to the Almighty's sense of fairness. An insight into God is provided by a careful study of His works. He concludes by saying that God's goodness and His sense of fairness will ensure that the needy are not forgotten, that the wicked do not go unpunished and that the expectations of the poor are not turned into ashes.

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