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(The Bible)

Certain that the surest spiritual armour against the onslaught of the wicked is his alliance or partnership with the Almighty, the Psalmist, in Psalm 7, calls on his God for help so that he is not destroyed. Declaring that he has not just been paying lip service to godliness, he understandably considers himself free of those things that could render him vulnerable thus making him an easy picking for the arrows of the enemy. He says that he has not been toying with sin like for instance betraying his friends or traditional allies. Boldly, he asks God to examine his claims and if He finds them to be false to abandon him to the hands of the enemy.

Knowing that the partnership between him and God can really only work if he keeps the fire of prayer alive, he implores God to meet the rage of his enemies with His own anger. He believes this is the only way out for him. As far as he is concerned, this would only be in line with the plans and programmes of God.

Sure of his own integrity and not unaware of God's own sense of fairness, he also calls for God's judgement. Knowing God as he does, he is certain that when God judges, the evil being perpetrated by evil people will be forcefully brought to an end and the righteous ones will be further established and be made to flourish even more.

His submission is that while God loves the righteous and ready to deliver him if he cries unto Him, He has also perfected arrangements to get the wicked ones consumed in their own wicked devices if they do not change. If the wicked refuse to change, God will arrange things in such a way that they eventually fall on their own swords.

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