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(The Bible)

The writer of Psalm 5 seems to emphasise that just as darkness is the antithesis of light so also is the evil one the antithesis of the righteous. Likewise, just as darkness can be likened to evil so also can light be likened to righteousness. God's attitude to both evil and righteousness could not have been more different. While the righteous can freely call upon the Lord reasoning with Him as the Psalmist does here, God is not particularly enamoured with wicked people. The writer, not unaware of God's didain for evil, states, ' For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.'

He further states that the Almighty has not only distanced Himself from evil but also intends to actually obliterate it and those who practise it by and by. The same God will make Himself accessible to the righteous whose worship He will gladly receive. This indicates that both the righteous and the evil ones can know what to expect from the Lord.

Continuing in an attitude of worship and deep reverence, he pleads with God that for as long as evil is alive and the evil ones are still on the prowl, he very much needs God's leading. He says that the only way he can finish his course in an evil world is by being led by God every step of the way. For how else, the writer seems to ask, can one live with faithless people who are pathologically wicked and those who assassinate others with their tongues.

As he pleads with God to get rid of the wicked because they are up in arms against Him by the way they live, he also urges Him to make the righteous unusually joyful so that all may know that they are the blessed of the Lord.

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