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Who Is The Most Beautiful Women?

Once there lived a king ruling his country happily. The Queen was so beautiful and every one came to her and praised her beauty. In the due course of time she became so sad and she wanted to meet a woman who looks better than her.Her continuous thought to find a beautiful lady made her not to mingle with others not to talk freely. She thought that she was only so beautiful.Then she ordered her palace officials to search a lady who looks more beautiful than her. Servants' efforts searching of a most beautiful women went in vain. They returned palace with disappointment after searc hing all around the world. They could not do any thing to solve their Queen's problem.

One day when the Queen was walking through carridor suddenly she saw her four years old daughter was standing before a mirror in her room. Her name was Diana. Diana stood before the mirror and said to herself. " How beautiful I am ! God has given me beautiful eyes soft skin and pretty hands.He also has given curly hair and pretty cheeks. No one looks beautiful in this world than me". When the queen heard this she ran into the room and hugged her daughter saying, " You have opened my eyes; Before you no one is beautiful for me in this world" I was simply searching for another beautiful woman without knowing that the "
Most Beautiful Women is mine"

This is the simple story which teaches the lesson of simplicity and the value of innocense.

Mrs.Renuka Sundaram

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