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Epistle Of Jude
(New Testament; Jude)

This New Testament book was written by Jude, whose Hebrew name was Judah. Jude was the brother of James, and both men were brothers or cousins of Jesus. This book is an epistle--- a letter--- from Jude to Hebrew Christians both in Israel and in the Diaspora. He is warning against the doctrines of evil men which were creeping into the young Christian community--- men who were turning the mercy of God into an excuse for lustful behavior. After all, God would forgive them, wouldn't He? Jude gives historical examples of times when the mercy of God had given way to punishment--- when God, after delivering the people of Israel out of Egypt, destroyed the unbelieving ones of Israel, or when fire from heaven fell on Sodom and Gomorrha for their condoning of the rape of strangers, or when even the angels who fell from grace were punished. Jude gives warning against these false teachers of lustfulness and impiety. He cries woe unto them, just as he says the prophet Enoch prophesied judgment on the evildoers in the time before Noah's flood. This is a short book of the Bible--- only one chapter of 25 verses--- but one with a timely message.

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