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(Anne Alexander)

?Linda? Linda Chapan was tall, lanky and beautiful. Her father
nicknamed her princess, and she had a reputation to keep even when the
new guy showed up on the scene. Linda was anxious, nervous in fact when
it came to the Fall Frolic- a girl?s choice dance and she wanted to be
the one who asked Doug Johnson to accompany her. Dressed in Blue,
and looking like a princess to boot her brother?s teased her about
going to church on a school day. Would her mother please intervene?
This pretty princess was part of a team, a group of girls popular by
all means and she never thought once about alcohol entering the scene.
One night after an intense football game she was walking down the
street only to hear tires screeching, metal crunching, and if it wasn?t
chilly enough already glass chattering and then the sound of angry male
voices pricked her ears. ?Watch where you?re going!? Linda was
still in the shadows, but she, nevertheless was seen. Brian, Steve
Atkin?s best friend was leaning over the back seat of Doug?s car. The
zipper on the jacket pricked her ears, and then she heard the thunk,
clatter, chunk, chink, chink.? Could this be? Why would
Clairamont High school football players be so mean? How could they do
this to Doug? He was new and this was not a proper greeting. Even
Linda?s family turns against her as her father makes a business deal
with Steve Atkin?s father, the Main string football player for
Clairamont. As the story unfolds Linda?s twin brothers get roughed up,
her best friends stop inviting her over, and the payoff to date Steve?s
friend was realized almost too late. Linda takes a joy ride in her father?s car on a school day, and is she ever in trouble! Steve?s
dad wants to boss his job and everyone else, but when the secret is
finally out, and Beth; Linda?s best friend gets seriously injured by
Steve?s irresponsible drinking and driving habits her family takes
charge, and the school does too.The question is, will you step up and do the right thing if you are ever faced with an ethical dilemma.

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