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Anna Karenina
(Leo Tolstoy)

Anna Karenina

It?s a story of a
woman called Anna Karenina

Who was married to a
man of distinguished stamina

For intellectual
things, like books rather music

So that by and by,
Anna lost all hope of frolic

And fun in her life,
and her heart did yearn

For the pleasure of
romance, until she could earn

The affection of
another man called Vronsky-

With the sweetest
disposition under Anna?s sky!

For Anna, this meant
a fresh beginning

Of life, that would
all the little joys to her bring

That she missed too
much in her limited world

With Karenin, her
husband, who had but Anna loved!

Well, she selfishly
abandons her husband, at climax-

But thereafter, her
mind could never more relax!

When all happiness
betrays her, making her most insecure

She ends her life
abruptly for her guilt to cure.

And this much do we
learn from Anna?s tragic end

That true love above
every selfish motive transcends!

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