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(Albert Camus)

Last time I read a book "Plague" written by Albert Camus. It is a parabolic novel. It means that described events are unreal and the author would like to tell us about thing which cannot be said straight because of censure.

The main character is doctor Rieux who is the the local medic authority. Because of plague his personal life was ruined. He only thinks about his job and he tries to do his best to heal people or to keep them alive.

It is rather boring. The plot is very predictable and disappointing. It is not difficulty to imagine what will the characters do later and what kind of actions will they take. Reading about peoples' death is rather boring especially if there is only a short description of disease and its effect.
While reading we are often bored with reading about the amount of dead bodies and fiction information about funerals and the way the soldiers bury the corps.
Although, the book is not dull at all. The life of people is shown in an interesting way, some of them do not care about illness, they live their lives as there is not any danger. Meetings in a bar, cinema or disco are popular.

On the whole. I would not recommend that book in view od the fact I think reading it will be a waste of time. If you are looking for interesting book, take another one.

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