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The Fairy Rifle

Second opus of the saga Malaussène, here we are one a year after. With the happiness of the ogres, Benjamin Malaussène always lives in Belleville and always occupies a station of scapegoat for a publisher society. Trade certainly very little usual but which covens him like a glove: He was at the head of employment. Indeed, how can one blame this poor fellow with his problems whereas he seems to carry the world on his shoulders? He deals still and always with his small family and is always insane in love with the journalist Julia, goes away lately because he works on an important paper. Lately, it does without the strange things to Belleville: old ladies are cut the throat of, a young woman is found almost died and a police officer was assassinated? And of course, guess which will be the ideal culprit? How will it manage to prove its innocence?

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