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God Knows Everything

Once upon a time,there lived two saints. They were living next by next and they were very closely associated. The learnt the spiritual way of life with the same master.
The first saint used to pray everyday for a long time, that is for many hours. the second saint prayed for a few minutes daily.
One day they wanted to grow trees inside their gardens. They planted some
plants and started to lookafter them regularly. The first saint was praying for water and sun shine for his trees and the second saint never prayed anything particularly for the plants. But both of their trees were growing.
After sometime, they wanted to meet their teacher who was living in a far away village.
They locked their houses and started their journey. Months together they walked. During the travel also the first saint prayed regularly without fail and the second saint did not pray for his trees. Finally they arrived their Guru's place. They were very happy and they wanted to stay for sometime with their master.
Even when they were with their master, the first saint did not forget to pray God to pour water and sunshine for his trees. After staying with their master, they started to return home. After a very long time they returned their homes. The first saint was shocked to see his trees dead. But at the same time, the other saint's trees were fresh and green. He was wondering. He said to the other saint even after his regular prayers his trees were not growing and enquired about the other saint's trees. He could not understand why his trees were dead.
The other saint replied that he did not pray for anything specially for the trees because he knew that The God would take care of them. He further said that the other saint did not pray for two days because they were completly busy with their master's prayers. Since he did not pray for that two days, the trees could not grow further.
From this story we learn that everything in this world is created by God and he knows everything and how to protect. It is not necessary for us to pray or request Him to do things for us. Even without our prayers by all means He will take care and provide them.

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