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One Hundred Dusts Before Sleeping
(melisa p.)

It is a real history written by its same protagonist, are one hundred DUSTS, ways many to look for the love in the mistaken arms of sex and the pleasure; it is that same pleasure that is destroying the heart and the dignity of melisa. A history that shows us that sex is not a taboo, that exists and that this small change and that if it is not controlled can late be too much, are our young people those that are in their defenseless claws and. Melisa tapeworm defenses with its soul of adolescent did not think that its heart would fill with sex, is a nonsingle history and of her, is the history of a human being who is lost the humanity and single he runs like an inferior animal forgetting the love and getting rid his lower instincts. As well as the personage of the text creates to find the happiness we we think that that is in sex and in the celebrations but when we are single we felt drained inner,, which causes sex without love. melisa, we are all

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