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Japanese For Busy People I (kana Version)

Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language but thought to yourself "It's just to hard!" Have you ever wanted to delve into the intricate language of Japanese but just thought to yourself you had a better chance of discovering how to freeze time. With Japanese for Busy People I (Kana Version) the format is so simple it makes Japanese so easy to learn that you will no longer have to compare the language to advanced physics. Ofcourse learning any language is hard but Japanese for Busy People 1 (Kana Version) give you a step by step breakdown of of words, meanings, grammar and then reinforces it with activities and chapter quizzes. This japanese beginner book also isn't romanized, meaning it doesn't use english letters but japanese characters. Most beginner japanese books are romanized, which makes it even moreso difficult to speak the language properly. The books activities and words are written in only Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji isn't introduced until the end but you are not expected to know any kanji until Japanese for Busy People II. However the book does not give you a basic rundown for what sounds go with what characters for Hiragana and Katakana, it's recommended that you get the Japanese for Busy People Kana workbook prior to this or some other source to familarize yourself with the characters. Japanese for Busy People I (Kana Version) puts emphasis on basic vocabulary, grammar, syntax and reading skill. By the end of the book you should have sufficent enough vocabulary and understanding of the language to hold a decent conversation, however don't run off to Japan just yet.

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